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Artist in photo: Airside // member since 2016

Get creative with easy website design tools

You don't need to be a designer or coder to make a professional-looking website for your music. Set your creativity free with our visual Theme Designer tools. Easily make changes to details like colors and fonts, or add stylish effects.

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Drag and drop to customize layouts

Edit and rearrange your website content on the fly with the Visual Editor. Add images, text, and other features to your page in one click. Make your band website look just how you imagined it — without any coding.

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Responsive design for all screen sizes

Look professional on any device or browser. All Bandzoogle websites are optimized for mobile screens. Design your site once and let our responsive layouts do the rest.

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Responsive website design for musicians

Free website templates to match your creative style

Choose from dozens of stunning preset designs made for musicians — all included free with Bandzoogle website plans.

Everything you need to design your own website for musicians

Easy template switching

Change website templates at any time without affecting content, and save your custom designs for later.

Styled page sections

Add full-width page sections with color or image backgrounds and scrolling styles like parallax.

Preset page layouts

Select from preset layouts for common page types to help build your site faster.

Image editing

Use built-in tools to crop your images. Add color filters and gradients for a unique look.

Video headers

Use a looping video as your website header for a memorable experience.

Custom fonts

Choose a font from our library or add a custom font to match your branding.


Show off your best band photos in a slideshow with custom timing and transitions.

Call-to-action buttons

Add a branded call-to-action button to your website with settings to edit the color, shape and style.

Custom CSS editor

Add your own custom CSS when you need even more advanced design control.

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Over 50,000 musicians trust Bandzoogle for their home on the web

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“Bandzoogle makes it easy to create a great looking site. Their interface helps you work quickly and efficiently. Great customer support is the icing on the cake!”

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“As an independent artist, I don't have tons of time or resources to spend fussing over a website. Bandzoogle makes building and maintaining a customized site intuitive and easy.”

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“Bandzoogle made it so easy to build my band's online presence. Their design features made it simple to create a site with my own personal image and ideas.”

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Musician-friendly web experts on call

We're online 7 days a week to give you hands-on assistance by live chat and email. Our team is made up of singers, producers, and music geeks who also happen to be expert web designers. Our goal is to empower you to build the most effective website for your music.

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