If you’re raising money for a new album, a crowdfunding page will help you collect funds to support your music. Add rewards for fans to choose from, and you’ll be ready to start your crowdfunding campaign.

All of your sales through crowdfunding are processed via PayPal or Stripe, are commission-free, and are deposited into your account immediately.

This Help article includes:

  • How to add a crowdfunding page to your website
  • How to populate your crowdfunding features
    • Adding video
    • Adding campaign intro text
    • Collecting email addresses
    • Adding crowdfunding rewards
      • Adding digital music
      • Adding multiple digital options and bundles
      • Adding custom merch bundles and experiences
    • Adding updates with a Blog feature
    • Adding an FAQ section

How to add a crowdfunding page to your website

  1. From the ‘Edit Content’ tab, click ‘Pages’ and select ‘Add a page’
  2. Under ‘Page Type’ click ‘Crowdfunding’
  3. Name the page (default: Crowdfunding)
  4. Select the additional page options of your choice
  5. Click ‘Create my page’

This will create your new crowdfunding page. By default, it will be set up with features commonly used for a crowdfunding campaign. You can add, remove, or reorder any features on the page.

How to populate your crowdfunding features

Adding a video

Use a video to introduce your crowdfunding project where you talk about your music and your goals.

  • Click Add a Video
  • In the Video Link/Embed Code box, paste in a link or code for your YouTube, or Vimeo video
  • Click Save
  • The video will appear and stream on your page


Adding campaign intro text

Add text to describe the project you hope to fund. Include your target goal and be sure to thank your supporters.

  • From the ‘Edit Content’ tab, select ‘Add feature’
  • Select ‘Text’ and place the feature
  • Type out or paste in your campaign intro text
  • Save

Collecting email addresses

At the top of the page you can collect the email addresses of your fans. Group them to send updates targeted to your supporters.

  • Click on the Mailing list signup form feature
  • Under Signup options, check the ‘Automatically add new members to a group’ box
  • Choose New Group from the dropdown menu
  • Give your group a name, such as ‘Crowdfunding backers’
  • Save

Note: Anyone entering their email address into this signup form will be added to the new group. To read more on sending email campaigns, please see the Email Campaigns and Newsletters help article.

Adding crowdfunding rewards

Adding digital music

Use the Album feature to add your album, plus physical options associated with your album as rewards.

Add an album for pre-order

  1. Click the Album feature
  2. Add your album information: Album name, Artist, Release year, Album art, Description.
  3. Beside ‘Allow download/sale’ choose ‘Accept pre-orders’
  4. For Download type, choose Paid - fixed price and set a price for your digital album.
  5. Set a Pre-order release date
  6. Add the UPC code for the album to track sales. If you don’t have it yet, add it later.
  7. Click Save
  8. If you have tracks ready, you can add them by clicking Add Track. If they are not yet ready, add them later before you release the album.


  • The pre-order option is available only on the Pro plan. If you’d like to set up your album for crowdfunding presale on the Standard plan, add it as a Store item with a note on the release date, then send it manually to your backers on your release date.
  • On the Pro plan, all of your digital sales are reported to SoundScan on the release date.
  • If your album is not set up for a pre-order, and you are on the Pro plan, the sales are reported as they are made.

Adding multiple digital options and bundles

  1. Once your album is created, click on your album, then choose Associated CDs/Vinyl on the right
  2. Click Manage
  3. Choose type: CD or Vinyl
  4. Give it a descriptive product name, such as ‘CD + album credit’

Note: Each extra option you add in the Album feature will include a copy of the digital download, plus CD or Vinyl.

To give your supporters some options, include different rewards at different prices. If you include vinyl, offer that, plus a signed vinyl option, or vinyl plus lyrics.

Adding custom merch bundles and experiences

Use the Store feature to add custom products, services, and experiences as rewards for purchase.

  1. Click Add a Store on your Crowdfunding page
  2. Click Add Product
  3. Choose the product type - Product/Service
  4. Choose Purchase type: Paid - fixed price, then set the price.
  5. Add a description of the reward, and an image to go with it
  6. Status: set to available so backers can purchase the item
  7. Track inventory (pro plan only) - choose yes if you are offering a limited number of the experience or reward. For example, 2 house concerts or 5 personally written songs.
  8. Save
  9. Repeat the process of adding products for all of your crowdfunded rewards.


  • You can also choose to offer file downloads, which will be sent out once the purchase is made. If you’d like to offer PDFs or other files but hold them back until your crowdfunding campaign is complete, use the product/service option. Note in the description that it is a file, and send it manually once the campaign is complete.
  • To add an open donation as a reward, choose product/service and select Paid - fans set price. Set a minimum price, and your backers can choose how much they want to donate.

Adding updates with a Blog feature

Keep your supporters up to date by adding news into a Blog feature regularly.

  • Click Add a Blog
  • Enter a blog title, such as Crowdfunding updates
  • Click Create New Blog
  • Click New Post
  • Add a Post title
  • In the text editor, add text about your crowdfunding campaign. The first post can be a kick-off message. Subsequent posts can include updates about your campaign’s progress.

Note: To learn more about blog posts, including blog options, see this help article: Blog Feature.

Adding an FAQ section

Add a few frequently asked questions into a Text feature to address questions your fans may have about the campaign.

  • Under the FAQ section, click “Edit text” to open up the text editor
  • Type or paste in questions about your campaign
    • Examples:
      • When will the album be complete?
      • How can I contribute?
      • How will I know if you’ve reached your goal?
      • How can I share this with my friends who love your music?
      • Plus anything else you’d like to address

For more information about crowdfunding through your Bandzoogle website, check out this Crowdfunding Page Template Blog Post.