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Bandzoogle support team

From the beginning we’ve had one goal: to empower artists to build effective websites for their music.

It all started in 1999, with a single band website built by Bandzoogle's founder Chris Vinson for his alt-rock band, Rubberman. Grassroots promotion, plus the online community that the website created, helped the band get a record deal.

In between tours, Chris worked at the record label designing websites for multi-platinum selling artists. To save time, he built a "control panel" to let artists make changes themselves. Realizing this could help independent bands and musicians build their own websites, Chris launched Bandzoogle in late 2003.

As the needs of musicians have evolved, so has our mission to help them succeed online. Hired as Bandzoogle’s first support tech in 2007, Stacey Bedford became CEO in 2018. Named as a Billboard Digital Power Player in 2019, Stacey has helped expand the platform to include everything a musician needs to run a successful business online.

From mobile design options, to commission-free music and merch sales, built-in crowdfunding, and fan subscriptions tools, now tens of thousands of artists from around the world use Bandzoogle to create beautiful websites and power their direct-to-fan marketing and sales.

The team

  • Stacey Bedford
    Stacey Bedford Ottawa, ON
  • Chris Vinson
    Chris Vinson Montreal, QC
  • Dave Cool
    Dave Cool Montreal, QC
  • Eli Gordon
    Eli Gordon Halifax, NS
  • Colin Mitchell
    Colin Mitchell Montague, MA
  • Melanie Kealey
    Melanie Kealey Ottawa, ON
  • David English
    David English Chelsea, QC
  • Dave Spurr
    Dave Spurr Leeds, UK
  • Josh Turner
    Josh Turner Montpelier, VT
  • Adam Percy
    Adam Percy Denman Island, BC
  • Joseph Longo
    Joseph Longo Montreal, QC
  • Desi Thorne
    Desi Thorne Chicago, IL
  • Wes Walls
    Wes Walls Montreal, QC
  • Julia Kater
    Julia Kater Montreal, QC
  • Brendon Wadey
    Brendon Wadey Ottawa, ON
  • Luis Tovar
    Luis Tovar Córdoba, AR
  • Daniel Baker
    Daniel Baker Derbyshire, UK
  • Sinéad Burke
    Sinéad Burke Yorkshire, UK
  • Aljumaine Gayle
    Aljumaine Gayle Montreal, QC
  • Hailey McCarthy
    Hailey McCarthy Montreal, QC
  • Anita Cazzola
    Anita Cazzola Guelph, ON
  • Collin Steinz
    Collin Steinz Montreal, QC
  • Marce Matamoros
    Marce Matamoros Mercedes de Montes de Oca, CR
  • Alessandro Menegatti
    Alessandro Menegatti Brandon, FL
  • Kasim Syed
    Kasim Syed Ottawa, ON
  • Emma
    Emma Toronto, ON
  • Emily Rockarts
    Emily Rockarts Montreal, QC
  • Liz Chaverri
    Liz Chaverri Sarchi, CR
  • Gideon Koh
    Gideon Koh Kuala Lumpur, MY

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