Adding video to your website brings your online presence to life. Video also does well in search engine results so it’s a good idea to include them throughout your website. The Video feature allows you to easily embed a YouTube or Vimeo video into your webpage using the video URL or embed code.

How to add video to your website:

  1. From the ‘Edit Content’ tab, select ‘Add feature’
  2. Select ‘Video’ and use the placement arrows to set the feature’s location
  3. In the ‘Video Link/Embed Code’ field, paste in one of the following:
    • YouTube or Vimeo video URL: You can find this in the address bar of your video page. Make sure the "http://www." portion of the URL is included in the address.
    • YouTube or Vimeo embed code: Use this option to add an embed code with specific settings such as start time, size, or playlist.
      • Instructions on getting embed code from YouTube: Click here
      • Instructions on getting embed code from Vimeo: Click here
  4. Set the video display size
  5. Click ‘Save’


  • A video set to ‘private’ will not work. It must be set to public or unlisted to be viewable on your website. Unlisted videos will show up on your website, but aren’t searchable in YouTube.
  • We currently do not offer the option to upload video directly from your computer. If you would like this feature added, please contact our support team and they will add your request to our suggestions list.
  • You can also add a Video Header or add a Facebook Video to your website.